Student Senate Winter Update

Student Senate Winter Update

Jordan S., Staff Writer

9 December 2019

Happy Holidays!

The Senate is wrapping this year up today. Spirit week discussions are on their way. Make sure to get those grade level T-Shirt designs into your Senators before the first week of school in 2020. Remember it’s everyone’s job to earn those points for your grade. Ask your Senators about what you can do to help. Maybe you want to help with the Spirit board, making the chant, participate in the rally, or theater sports or the annual dodgeball tournament.


13 January 2020

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Spirit Week is coming soon. T-Shirt designs are due as soon as possible to your Senators. Remember they need your help. The shirt will be your grades’ color with either black or white design. New this year will be the addition of Sustainability Week. SustainASH is organizing a sustainability oriented competition between the four grades. The winners of this competition will gain a head start for their grades’ spirit week points.


27 January 2020

This week the Senate is reviewing the Dress Code and equality relating to it. Currently the ASH Admin is creating a committee to help implement the new Mission and Vision Statements, and will include a select number of Senators. The Middle School will have a meeting with our Co-Presidents about possibly including Middle School in Spirit Week. Speaking of Spirit Week, a survey will come out soon to vote on the theme of each day. Also start thinking about creating a chant for the Spirit Rally and designs for your grade’s bulletin board. Remember Spirit Week includes everyone. Talk to a senator about how you can help your grade win. 

In other news, each senator must submit a proposal by March 6th. If you have an idea please contact your senator. 


3 February 2020

Big announcement! The days for Spirit Week are decided. The results of the Survey are:

Monday – PJ Day – Roll into school in your comfiest clothes 

Tuesday – Suit Up Day – Are you heading to a wedding or are you just looking sharp?

Wednesday – Sports Day – Show off your team spirit!

Thursday – Twin Day – Dress the same as one or more of your friends

Friday – Color Day – Show your spirit for your grade on the final day of Spirit Week!

Everyday to get the maximum amount of points for your grade, before school or during morning break, wear THREE pieces of theme related clothing. On Color Day wearing your ordered grade shirt counts as all three points!