Theater I class performs for ECC, receives praise


Sujani Le Grand

Theatre I students perform.

Alice B., Staff Writer

   On May 16, the class of Theatre 1, taught by Mr. Cunningham, performed in front of the Early Childhood Center. The play was about four TV shows coming into the real world and getting stuck there. An explorer, who has been left alone in the TV, decides to become the King of the TV and all actors need to unite their strengths to convince their friend to let them back in. The performance ended with everyone dancing happily on stage.

   “I think the performance went great! Even though the majority of the audience were little children, I got nervous before the performance. I loved the children’s reaction after each scene and it was great to see that they were laughing all the time,” said freshman Angela K.

   “I think the performance went very well and everything went to plan, however I was a little bit nervous before performing. I enjoyed the scene where all of us were trying to convince Mauk to let us back in the TV and we all decided to perform a dance for Mauk since he loved dancing so much. I think the audience liked our performance because we got very good feedback after we had performed and many of the kids were laughing at our jokes,” said sophomore Andreas G.

   After the students performed all the children wanted to high five the actors. The young audience members even made some cards for the theatre students to show how much they loved the performance.

   “I felt that the performance went well. We got good feedback and the kids seemed very enthusiastic about the show. Right before the performance, I felt quite calm. When the little kids started making their way into the gym it started to become more of a reality that we were actually performing for a audience of such a young age. They seemed so excited to simply see us which made me feel excited to perform and interact with them. I definitely enjoyed how the kids interacted with the performance the best. It was so cute to see how they interpreted certain aspects of the show. I’m sure the audience loved the show because we got very enthusiastic feedback and loads of high-fives,” said freshman Svea B.

Sujani Le Grand
Students bow following their performance.

   “The play went incredibly well! We’ve spent weeks developing this original show and the feedback from the ECC has been wonderful. The students loved and understood the performance. They laughed so much and we have received some wonderful notes and pictures from the students and their teachers. Some teachers wrote that after the performance their students wanted to talk about it all day,” said Mr. Cunningham, the Theatre I teacher.

   Each year this performance for the ECC happens since it is part of the curriculum for Theatre I. The class of Theatre I usually does two shows: one for the ECC and one for the Upper Elementary. It develops skills and self confidence for the students and builds bridges between the schools.

   “I am sure the students loved the show! You just had to look at the faces of the audience members. Thank-you to Ms. Townshend and Ms. Marantos for helping to organize our visit. I loved that one teacher shared that her students were amazed that “big students could take a class like this in high school,” said Mr. Cunningham.